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2018 CAPO Membership - renewals and new members

Quand: Lun, 06-Nov-2017 - Lun, 31-Déc-2018

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The Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) is an organization of professionals, clinicians, researchers, educators, and others dedicated to the understanding, treatment and study of the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and quality-of-life aspects of cancer.

CAPO leads nationally and globally in promoting capacity for, and excellence in psychosocial oncology services to enhance the wellness of individuals and families. 

CAPO Membership Types:

  • Full Member - is open to individuals with a university degree or registration, certification or other accreditation in a recognized profession who is involved in or interested in psychosocial oncology.
  • Student Member - is a full time student studying in a discipline related to psychosocial oncology or a member who has returned to study in an academic program, irrespective of the level of education being pursued. 
  • Affiliate Member - is a member of the public, an organization, an agency or supplier of goods and services related to psychosocial oncology.
  • Retired Member
 - is an individual who has been a Full CAPO member in the past and has retired from psychosocial oncology.

CAPO Membership Pricing:

  • Full Member
    • ONE YEAR OPTION: $150
    • TWO YEAR OPTION: $250
  • Student Member
    • ONE YEAR OPTION: $60
    • TWO YEAR OPTION: $120
  • Affiliate Member
    • ONE YEAR OPTION: $60
    • TWO YEAR OPTION: $120
  • Retired Member
    • ONE YEAR OPTION: $60
    • TWO YEAR OPTION: $120

All dues are NOT subjected to HST – CAPO is a charity and does not charge HST.

There are NO refunds.

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