Event MAB-19

2019 MABBA Membership Application

When: Tue, 01-Jan-2019 - Tue, 31-Dec-2019

2019 MABBA Membership Application
Online Membership




  • Compete at MABBA , CBBF National and IFBB International Level Competitions 
  • You are eligible to attend and vote at the 2019 MABBA AGM Meeting if your 2019 membership is purchased before June 30th, 2019 (only eligible MABBA members may attend the AGM meeting)
 Your MABBA membership fee of $50.00 does not apply to your registration to compete at a MABBA or CBBF National competition. Your MABBA Membership runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st of 2019

Note: It is your Responsiblity to Notify MABBA of Any Changes to Your Current Address. Any false representation could result in disciplinary action, which may include suspension from MABBA and CBBF National competitions.

You can not compete at any MABBA , CBBF or IFBB competition without a valid 2019 MABBA Membership Card

You can not hold a Pro card with any another organization and compete with MABBA or the CBBF.

·     Eligible to Vote at 2019 MABBA AGM Meeting in September

·     Take part at Local, National and International Level Competitions


Click "Sign Up Now" to Proceed.


Fee: Cdn$ 50.00

Sign up before:
Tue, 31-Dec-2019 00:00


Email: Click here

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