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2018 U12 Enrichment Program

Quand: Mar, 23-Oct-2018 - Ven, 29-Mar-2019

The Associations comprising Central Ringette are pleased to offer U12 division players an opportunity to develop in a high-intensity atmosphere. This enrichment experience will provide athletes an environment separate from their recreational teams where they will meet players from different associations to train together for the purpose of improving skill, tactics, and strategy in ringette. 

Interested athletes will be identified and grouped to maximize training benefit. This will be available to maximum 60 athletes. The target athlete is a motivated individual keen on strengthening their basic ringette skills to progress in the LTAD staged framework. 

Players must be birth year 2007 or 2008 and currently playing on a Ringette Nova Scotia U12 recreational team to be eligible for this season's program. 

We are endorsed by Ringette Nova Scotia. We are very excited to announce our partnerships: 

1. Rise Ringette – Kirsti Mason will be directing the athletic program for our skaters. 

2. Upper Echelon Goaltending – Todd Bengert will be directing the athletic program for our goalies. 

The training curriculum will be heavily influenced by a multitude of coaches with vast experience at all levels of ringette. The U12 Enrichment Program will consist of: 

  • 11 Training sessions from October 2018 to March 2019. 

  • An option for additional training in-season and post-season. 

  • An option for in-season competition days with sister provinces (NB and PEI). 

  • An option for Post-season competition jamboree style tournaments with sister provinces: 

  • Minimum of one team traveling to PEI in April 2018 for competition. 

  • Two teams traveling to Amherst in April 2018 for competition. 

  • Access to established excellent training staff. 

If you are interested, please fill out the form using the Karelo link provided. We will contact you with final details and payment information once registration is complete. 

Please note: we only have 60 skater spots available (20 for Halifax; 20 for HCL-Eastern Shore; 20 for Berwick-NCRA). Your athlete will be secured a spot on a first come, first serve basis. Your athlete is not registered until the first installment or full payment is received. 


We welcome goalies to this program. Please register below and select the goalie option. We will have 2-3 goalies per session and provide the session at reduced cost, but enough to cover goalie instruction. For team selection, a separate goalie identification process will take place at a time to be announced. 



The ice sessions will be held for two groups of a maximum 30 skaters each from 12-1 PM and 1-2 PM at the BMO Centre on the following dates: 

  • October 13th 12:15pm - 2:15pm (Assessment), October 14st  

  • November 11th, November 18th  

  • December 2nd, December 9th, December 16th  

  • January 6th 

  • February 3rd, February 17th  


In-season competition will consist of the following: 

  • December 27th and 28th – NB, PEI and NS competition day in Oxford. 

  • February 18th - NB, PEI and NS competition day in Oxford. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: These are tentative dates, we are still in the middle of planning. 


Post-season competition will consist of the following: 

  • March 30th weekend: Post-season jamboree in Amherst for RISE Team (extra cost in 2019) 

  • April 6th weekend: Post-season jamboree in PEI for FORCE Team (extra cost in 2019) 


Program Cost and Payment Instructions: 


The following options are available for the initial programming: 


Skater Fee – Development Only 


Skater Fee – Development & In-Season Competition 


Goalie Fee – Development Only 


Goalie Fee – Development & In-Season Competition 


  • The fee covers ice, instructors, jerseys, and miscellaneous costs for development  

  • The additional costs for in-season competition covers ice, referees, and non-parent instructors 

  • Feel free to pay everything up front. You can also split the fees into two payments. The first payment is due immediately to secure the athlete's registration and the second payment is due on December 1, 2018. 

  • PAY NOW via Karelo


No. max de participants: 60

Inscrivez-vous avant le:
Ven, 23-Nov-2018 17:00


Kirsti Mason
Tél: (902) 425-5450
Courriel: Cliquez ici

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