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Speed Theory Cycling Membership 2019

When: Tue, 01-Jan-2019 - Tue, 31-Dec-2019

2019 STC P/B The Doctrine Training

Annual Membership

The details:

Paying this Membership Fee assures your spot in a well established SMALL group of cyclists that train and (may) race as a team, not just as a club. Our philosophy is to gather new cyclists to our sport and help them learn the technical and training aspects of cycling and cycling safety and, if they choose, attempt to inflict pain on others during competition. Also; to encourage bike racing in general, be good ambassadors to the sport, practice safe riding, include your family when applicable, and have fun while doing it. Over the years, some of our time to accomplish this mission has been eaten up by family and careers, but our philosophy remains the same.

There are many benefits, but also some responsibilities of being on the team. The assumption is that everyone who joins plans to be a good ambassador to the sport.

If you are a new member and need kit, the minimum you need to buy before any road races is a jersey, everything else is optional. If you are an old member and want more kit, then great. You will receive an amazing deal on all racing kit 'essentials' when the new shipment of clothes is ordered in early March and arrives around mid Apriish. This includes: jersey, shorts, bibs, jacket, etc.  Trev will send out an email in March 2019 with order, payment and sizing requests. Please realize that each piece of clothing is made when you order it. STC doesn't have extra kit and the clothing order has nothing to do with the store Speed Theory Calgary. There are no refunds or exchanges. We make a 'clothing exchange' available on our website though, and club members have had good success there.

Please ensure the email you have entered for this registration is valid and you check it regularly as this will be the one the team uses to communicate with you.

This STC Membership DOES NOT include your ABA Race License, which can be purchased at your convienience at any point in 2019. The ABA race license is $135. You don't need an ABA Race License unless you plan to race the weekend events sanctioned specifically by the ABA and offering 'Upgrade Points'. This club membership is sufficient for group club rides and training with the club.

This membership is good from Jan. 1st, 2019  to Dec. 31st, 2019

Important clarification: This is not a government-registered 'club' in any respect except that we are registered in good standing with the ABA and covered by their insurance. Essentially STC, which is a division of The Doctrine Training Ltd. is a group of like-minded people that agree with the philosophy that people should get on and ride a bike as a lifestyle, race it hard and safely if they want, and give back to the racing/cycling community when they can. We have no casino funding. It is just you, Trev, Michael, Dennis, and Marie and several dedicated and passionate volunteers providing the club with the opportunity to put our collective philosophy to work.

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Fee: Cdn$ 5.00

Sign up before:
Thu, 31-Oct-2019 00:00


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