Pacific Road Runners - Charity Auction for entry into the 2018 "First Half" Half Marathon
Five race entries including a souvenir Mizuno long-sleeve shirt for the 2018 "First Half" Half Marathon have been reserved for the highest bidders in our charity auction. All monies from the winning bids will be donated to the charities designated below.
Each entry will be open to bids for approximately 3 days. If you miss out on one entry you can always bid again on the next one. You can make bids as often as you want until the closing deadline for each entry.

Designated Charities:

1. Alzheimer's Society of BC  -   
2. Aunt Leah's Independent Lifeskills Society  -   
3. North Shore Search & Rescue  -   
4. BC Children's Hospital Foundation  -   
5. Covenant House Vancouver  -   

Rules & Conditions

On closing of this auction, Pacific Road Runners will attempt to contact the winning bidder within 24 hours using the information provided above, to arrange payment. If the winning bidder does not initiate payment and provide the additional information necessary for entry to the "First Half" Half Marathon within 48 hours then the winner will forfeit the entry to the next highest bidder.

No tax receipts will be issued, but the winning bidder will receive a letter of acknowledgement from the designated charity.
Minimum bid: $100; bidding in increments of $10.

Payment must be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or INTERAC Online. The winning bidder will be contacted by phone.

Current Bid: #  5  -  Designated Charity: Covenant House Vancouver

The bidding for this auction closes on: Thursday, 14-Nov-2013 08:00 pm

The current bid is: Cdn$ 200.00 posted by Nancy N. on 14-Nov-2013 07:59:21 pm

The bidding is now closed.