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2019/2020 Competitive Fall & Winter

2019/2020 Competitive Fall & Winter Season



Competitive: 3 day week with an additional 2 Sundays in September and one Sunday in October

Registration - $1275.00

Fundraising - $425.00

Total registration fee $1700.00 

Volunteer - $50.00  Separate payment

Payment options:

1)  $1700.00 online or eTransfer

2)  6 equal payments - Sept. 1, Oct. 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 1, Jan. 1, Feb. 1

$283.33 payment  (includes fundraising fee) 

$212.50 payment - requires postdated check for $425.00 fundraising post-dated March 30, 2020

$50.00 volunteer - separate payment due with registration, post-dated to March 30, 202

Skate Brandon accepts cheques or eTransfers 

Add On available for Star and Comp:

Must register for 2 or 3 day Starskate package 

Wednesday Morning - 7:00-8:00 am

Exceptional value for the season for $250




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Skate Brandon Policies 


*Volunteer Fee - .

Events that will require volunteer shift to be filled include, the Skate Brandon Winter Festival in December 2019, the Skate Brandon Ice Show in March 2020 and the North/South Westman Regionals 2020.

*Fundraising Fee - this is simply an opportunity for all Starskate and Competitiveskate members to fundraise a portion of their registration fees.  There are 2 options:

 1. Pay your registration and fundraising fees upfront or in monthly installments and do no fundraising.

2. Pay your registration upfront or in monthly installments and participate in club fundraisers throughout the year.  At the end of the season, you will be invoiced any outstanding fundraising amount.  *if your fundraising exceeds your fundraising amount, this amount will stay with the club*

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