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Pacific Road Runners

Adresse: Box 3467
Vancouver, BC V6B 3Y4
Téléphone: (604) 515-2488
Email: Cliquez ici
 Who we are
We are a recreational running club, with common interests in leading a fit and active lifestyle. We compete, but we don’t enter expecting to win. We’re more interested in achieving personal goals and having fun doing it. We provide a safe, supportive group with which to train.

When and where do you meet?
We meet at 5:45pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, year round, sun, rain or snow.

We meet at False Creek Community Centre, on Granville Island, in Vancouver.

The community centre has changing rooms with lockers, showers and saunas. There is plenty of free parking close to the community centre, as our meeting time coincides with the close of business for most shops on the island.

Liste d'événements:

11-Fév-19  30th Annual First Half Half Marathon 2019 Vancouver, BC 
11-Fév-19  30th Annual First Half Half Marathon 2019 - Special Registration Vancouver, BC 
11-Fév-19  First Half Half Marathon - Transfers Vancouver, BC 

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