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SD43 Community Connections

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Current Events:

13-Jan-17  Nestor MoreSports Fridays Coquitlam, BC Closed
17-Jan-17  Riverview Park MoreSports Tuesdays Coquitlam, BC Closed
18-Jan-17  Eagle Ridge MoreSports Wednesdays Coquitlam, BC Closed
19-Jan-17  Hampton Park Moresports MultiSport Thursdays Coquitlam, BC Closed
19-Jan-17  Mundy Road Moresports MultiSports Coquitlam, BC Closed
Ongoing Nestor MoreSports Fridays , BC 
Ongoing Roy Stibbs MoreSports Mondays Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Bramblewood Elementary Tuesdays , BC 
Ongoing Pinetree Way MoreSports Tuesdays Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Riverview Park MoreSports Tuesdays , BC 
Ongoing Eagle Ridge MoreSports Wednesdays , BC 
Ongoing Pinetree Way Moresports Wednesdays Fall 2016 , BC 
Ongoing Hampton Park Moresports MultiSport Thursdays , BC 
Ongoing Mundy Road Moresports MultiSports , BC 

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