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Coerver Coaching

Address: 3522 Worthington Dr
Vancouver, BC V5M 3X9
Phone: (604) 219-0792
Email: Click here
 The Worlds #1 soccer skills teaching program. Spring break and summer camps.Cancellations only given with written confirmation of a medical issue. 

Current Events:

07-Aug-17  Maple Ridge Kinder Program 2017 Vancouver, BC 
07-Aug-17  Maple Ridge Regular Program 2017 Maple Ridge, BC 
14-Aug-17  Surrey Cloverdale Athletic Kinder Program 2017 Vancouver, BC 
14-Aug-17  Surrey Cloverdale Athletic Regular Program 2017 Surrey, BC 
21-Aug-17  Douglas Park Regular Program 2017 Vancouver, BC 
28-Aug-17  Port Moody Regular Camp 2017 Port Moody, BC 
28-Aug-17  Port Moody Kinder Camp 2017 Vancouver, BC 

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