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CALT Membership 2021/22

When: Sat, 01-May-2021 - Sun, 01-May-2022

Please register in order to enjoy the benefits of CALT membership. Memberships completed using this form will be valid until late May 2022.
Law teachers generally renew their CALT membership when they register for the annual conference. If you registered for the 2019 conference at UBC, your 2019-2020 CALT membership was included with your registration fees. As the 2020 conference was cancelled due to COVID-19, memberships for 2019-2020 were automatically extended until late May 2021. If you did not register for the 2019 conference and you would like to become a member, you should use this form. However, subject to approval at the 2021 AGM, membership fees will also be waived for 2021-22, current memberships will be extended through to late May 2022, and new memberships will be valid until that time as well.”
If you register for the 2022 conference (to be held in late May or early June 2022, dates TBD), you will be asked to renew your membership at that time. Your membership will then be valid until the day prior to the 2023 conference. 
Regular membership: open to anyone who is a full or part-time member of a faculty, school or department of law at an institution of higher learning in Canada: full-time faculty: $100; sessionals, contract faculty, and postdoctoral researchers: $75.

Graduate student membership: open to anyone who is a full-time or part-time student studying towards an advanced degree in law in a faculty, school, or department of law at an institution of higher learning in or outside Canada: $25

Associate membership: open to anyone who occupies, in an institution of higher learning situated outside Canada, one of the positions required for regular membership: $125


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