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Ongoing Velocity Cycling Club Member... Velocity Cycling Club Edmonton, AB 
Ongoing EBTC Membership 2021 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
Ongoing  Club Cycliste Boucherville Boucherville, QC 
   June 2021
02-Jun-21  The Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... Closed
03-Jun-21  Thursday City Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
04-Jun-21  Friday Quiet Roads East & We... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... Closed
05-Jun-21  9:30 Stamina Builder Ultime ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Various, AB Closed
05-Jun-21  9:45 Stamina Builder Ultime ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Various, AB Closed
05-Jun-21  Garrison-Morinville Loop Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Lancaster Park, AB Closed
05-Jun-21  10:00 Stamina Builder Optimu... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Various, AB Closed
05-Jun-21  10:15 Stamina Builder Optimu... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Various, AB Closed
06-Jun-21  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
06-Jun-21  9:30 AM Stamina Builder Ardr... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
06-Jun-21  10 AM Stamina Builder Ardros... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
06-Jun-21  Sunday Afternoon Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
07-Jun-21  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
07-Jun-21  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
08-Jun-21  Summit 1000 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
08-Jun-21  6:00 PM Tuesday Ardrossan Ri... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
08-Jun-21  6:15 PM Tuesday Ardrossan Ri... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
09-Jun-21  The Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... Closed
10-Jun-21  Thursday City Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
11-Jun-21  Friday Quiet Roads East & We... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
12-Jun-21  9:30 Stamina Builder Ultime ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB Closed
12-Jun-21  Garrison-Morinville Loop Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Lancaster Park, AB Closed
12-Jun-21  9:40 Stamina Builder Optimum... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB Closed
12-Jun-21  Blackfoot Trails Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Cooking Lake Blackfo... Closed
13-Jun-21  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
13-Jun-21  9:30 AM Stamina Builder Ardr... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
13-Jun-21  10:00 AM Stamina Builder Ard... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
13-Jun-21  Sunday Afternoon Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
14-Jun-21  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
14-Jun-21  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
15-Jun-21  Summit 1000 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
15-Jun-21  6:15 PM Tuesday Ardrossan Ri... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
15-Jun-21  6:30 PM Tuesday Ardrossan Ri... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
16-Jun-21  The Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... Closed
17-Jun-21  Thursday City Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
19-Jun-21  9:30 Stamina Builder Ultime ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB Closed
19-Jun-21  9:40 Stamina Builder Optimum... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB Closed
20-Jun-21  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
20-Jun-21  9:30 AM Stamina Builder Ardr... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
20-Jun-21  10:00 AM Stamina Builder Ard... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
20-Jun-21  Sunday Afternoon Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
21-Jun-21  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
21-Jun-21  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
22-Jun-21  Summit 1000 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Sherwood Park, AB Closed
22-Jun-21  6:15 PM Tuesday Ardrossan Ri... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
22-Jun-21  6:30 PM Tuesday Ardrossan Ri... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
23-Jun-21  The Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... Closed
24-Jun-21  Thursday City Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
25-Jun-21  Friday Quiet Roads East & We... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... 51101 Range Rd 270, ... 
26-Jun-21  9:30 Stamina Builder Ultime ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... St Albert, AB 
26-Jun-21  9:40 Stamina Builder Optimum... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... St Albert, AB 
27-Jun-21  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
27-Jun-21  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 1... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
27-Jun-21  Ft. Saskatchewan Brunch Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
27-Jun-21  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 6... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
27-Jun-21  Sunday Afternoon Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
28-Jun-21  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
28-Jun-21  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
29-Jun-21  Summit 1000 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
29-Jun-21  6:15 Tuesday Ardrossan Ride-... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
29-Jun-21  6:30 Tuesday Ardrossan Ride-... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
30-Jun-21  The Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... 
   July 2021
01-Jul-21  Thursday City Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
 Seminars & Conferences
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Ongoing RECORDING: Keep Calm & Respo... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing RECORDING: OVATION Writing W... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing RECORDING: Planning for 2021... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing 2021 Membership Registration Ontario Healthy Schools Coal... Strathroy, ON 
Ongoing CNSABC Membership 2021 Clinical Nurse Specialist As... Delta, BC 
Ongoing CNS-C / ICS-C Membership-202... Clinical Nurse Specialist As... Sudbury, ON 
Ongoing Membership 2021 Beaumont District Agricultur... Beaumont, AB 
Ongoing Membership 2021 GIIFO Sudbury, ON 
Ongoing EFMA Membership 2021 EFMA Delta, BC 
Ongoing EFMA Associate Membership 20... EFMA Delta, BC 
Ongoing Affiliate Member Application... Council of Senior Citizens O... British Columbia, BC 
Ongoing Associate Member Application... Council of Senior Citizens O... British Columbia, BC 
   January 2021
12-Jan-21  Webinars, Canadian Fire Alar... Health and Safety Management... Online, ON Closed
Ongoing RECORDING: The 5th P of Mark... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing RECORDING: Power Panel IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing RECORDING: Power Panel IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing Team Registration 2021 Touch Football Ontario Ajax, ON 
Ongoing CALT Membership 2021/22 CALT Halifax, MB 
Ongoing The road to becoming an auth... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing The road to becoming an auth... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing Webinar Courses 1 and 5, CFA... Health and Safety Management... Online, ON 
Ongoing 2021 IABC/Toronto OVATION Aw... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
   June 2021
08-Jun-21  June 2021 Beer & Pizza Socia... CSC Toronto Chapter Toronto, ON Closed
09-Jun-21  Continuing Education, Fire A... Health and Safety Management... Online, ON Closed
10-Jun-21  CSC June Webinar Construction Specifications ... Vancouver, BC Closed
23-Jun-21  Continuing Education, Fire A... Health and Safety Management... Online, ON Closed
   July 2021
13-Jul-21  Golf Tournament 2021 CSC Winnipeg Chapter Winnipeg, MB 
13-Jul-21  Golf Sponsorships 2021 CSC Winnipeg Chapter Winnipeg, MB 
   August 2021
12-Aug-21  CSC Golf Tournament CSC Toronto Chapter Thornhill, ON 
20-Aug-21  Doctoral Conference 2021 Royal Roads University Victoria, BC 
   September 2021
18-Sep-21  VANCOUVER - AIM Level 3 Lowe... BC Section - Orthopaedic Div... Vancouver, BC 
Ongoing Toronto Canadian Fire Alarm ... Health and Safety Management... Markham, ON 
   October 2021
01-Oct-21  NANAIMO - AIM Level 2 Lower ... BC Section - Orthopaedic Div... Nanaimo, BC 
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Ongoing BMW Car Club BC Membership BMW Car Club of BC Vancouver, BC 
Ongoing 2021 Membership Application ... BMW Club Atlantic Canada Dartmouth, NS 
   January 2021
01-Jan-21  2021 **INSTRUCTORS ONLY ** M... BMW Club Atlantic Canada Dartmouth, NS Closed
Ongoing Motorsport Club of Ottawa - ... The Motorsport Club of Ottaw... OTTAWA, ON 
Ongoing Edmonton Z Car Club Membersh... Edmonton Z Car Club Edmonton, AB 
   June 2021
20-Jun-21  Fathers Day Run BMW Car Club of BC Langley, BC Closed
   July 2021
13-Jul-21  HPDE @ Mission Raceway BMW Car Club of BC Mission, BC 
18-Jul-21  Coffee On The Run BMW Car Club of BC Langley, BC 
   August 2021
08-Aug-21  Rolf Drommer Memorial Harris... BMW Car Club of BC Langley, BC 
 Water Sports
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Ongoing Donations Council of Senior Citizens O... British Columbia, BC 
 Running & Triathlon
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   September 2020
01-Sep-20  Membership 2020/2021 Edmonton Thunder Track and F... Edmonton, AB Closed
Ongoing Tri Peaks Multisport 2021 Cl... Tri Peaks Multisport Club North Vancouver, BC 
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19-Jun-21  OGKC Race #1 Le Circuit Quyon Kart Club Quyon, QC Closed
19-Jun-21  LCQ Rental Kart Challenge Ra... Le Circuit Quyon Kart Club Quyon, QC Closed
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Ongoing 2020 HHRA Registration Halifax Hurricanes Ringette ... Herring Cove, NS 
Ongoing Custom Payment Event – Com... Halifax Hurricanes Ringette ... Herring Cove, NS 
Ongoing Custom Payment Event – Mic... Halifax Hurricanes Ringette ... Herring Cove, NS 
Ongoing Player Registration 2021/22 Kelowna Ringette Association Kelowna, BC 
Ongoing Player Registration 2021/22 Fraser Valley Ringette Langley, BC 
22-Aug-21  Shooting Stars Camp Fraser Valley Ringette Langley, BC 
Ongoing Player Registration 2021/202... Burnaby New Westminster Ring... Burnaby, BC 
Ongoing Winter 2021-2022 Surrey White Rock Ringette Surrey, BC 
Ongoing Player Registration 2021/22 Chilliwack Ringette Associat... Chilliwack, BC 
Ongoing 2021-22 Terrace Ringette Reg... Terrace Ringette Association Terrace, BC 
Ongoing 2021/22 Player Registration Greater Vernon Ringette Asso... Vernon, BC 
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Ongoing AFSF Membership 2021 Alberta Figure Skating Found... Edmonton, AB 
29-Mar-21  CanSkate Registration - Spri... Kitsilano Figure Skating Clu... Vancouver, BC Closed
29-Mar-21  Pre Star Registration – Sp... Kitsilano Figure Skating Clu... Vancouver, BC Closed
29-Mar-21  Star Skate (STAR 2-5+) / Adu... Kitsilano Figure Skating Clu... Vancouver, BC Closed
29-Mar-21  StarSkate 1 Development Regi... Kitsilano Figure Skating Clu... Vancouver, BC Closed
Ongoing Summer Ice Kitsilano Figure Skating Clu... Vancouver, BC 
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12-Jul-21  Maple Ridge First Skills- Ju... Coerver Coaching Maple Ridge, BC 
12-Jul-21  Maple Ridge Regular Camp- Ju... Coerver Coaching Maple Ridge, BC 
16-Aug-21  Surrey First Skills- August ... Coerver Coaching Surrey, BC 
16-Aug-21  Surrey Regular Camp-August 1... Coerver Coaching Surrey, BC 
23-Aug-21  Vancouver Regular Camp- Augu... Coerver Coaching Vancouver, BC 
30-Aug-21  Port Moody/Coquitlam First S... Coerver Coaching Port Moody, BC 
30-Aug-21  Port Moody/Coq. Regular Camp... Coerver Coaching Port Moody, BC 
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Ongoing HWSS Athletics Team Registra... Heritage Woods Secondary Sch... Port Moody, BC 
20-Sep-20  Athletic Registration 2020/2... Surrey Christian School Surrey, BC Closed
Ongoing Membership 2020-2021 CISV Vancouver North Vancouver, BC 
27-May-21  Science ALIVE Workshop Sprin... Science ALIVE SFU Burnaby, BC Closed
27-Jun-21  Piano Concerto Competition Coquitlam Youth Orchestra Coquitlam, BC 
05-Jul-21  German Summer Camps 2021 Vancouver Westside German Sc... Vancouver, BC 
Ongoing Summer Camps 2021 Central Elementary School - ... Port Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Summer Camps 2021 Pitt River Community School Port Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Summer Camps 2021 Miller Park Community School Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Science ALIVE Summer Academy... Science ALIVE SFU Burnaby, BC 
23-Aug-21  History 9: An Overview ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga ... Toronto, ON 
Ongoing Surrey German Language Schoo... Surrey German Language Schoo... Surrey, BC 
Ongoing School Registration 2021/22 Vancouver Westside German Sc... Vancouver, BC 
Ongoing Adult Classes Registration 2... Vancouver Westside German Sc... Vancouver, BC 
Date (sorted)
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Ongoing 2021 Summer Baseball Registr... Vernon Baseball Association Vernon, BC 

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