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Edmonton Bicycle & Touring Club

Address: 11660 79 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6G 0P7
Email: Click here
Website: www.bikeclub.ca/

Current Events:

Ongoing EBTC Membership 2022 Edmonton, AB 
01-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Ardrossan, AB Closed
01-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 100 Ardrossan, AB Closed
01-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 60 Ardrossan, AB Closed
01-May-22  Sunday Social Ride Edmonton, AB Closed
02-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for Hybrids & E-bikes Edmonton, AB Closed
02-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton, AB Closed
03-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Ardrossan, AB Closed
03-May-22  RidewithGPS Zoom Tutorial Edmonton, AB Closed
04-May-22  Outbacks Parkland County, AB Closed
04-May-22  RidewithGPS Zoom Tutorial Edmonton, AB Closed
05-May-22  Thursday Longer Recr. Strathcona County, AB Closed
05-May-22  Ride On! Thursday Edmonton, AB Closed
05-May-22  Thursday Evening Trail Ride Edmonton, AB Closed
06-May-22  Friday Quiet Roads Strathcona Cnty, AB Closed
07-May-22  Double Duty Saturday Strathcona County, AB Closed
07-May-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton, AB Closed
07-May-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100K Edmonton, AB Closed
08-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Ardrossan, AB Closed
08-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 100 Ardrossan, AB Closed
08-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 60 Ardrossan, AB Closed
09-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for Hybrids & E-bikes Edmonton, AB Closed
09-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton, AB Closed
10-May-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB Closed
10-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Ardrossan, AB Closed
11-May-22  Outbacks Parkland County, AB Closed
11-May-22  Wednesday Road Ride Edmonton, AB Closed
12-May-22  Thursday Longer Recr. Villeneuve, AB Closed
12-May-22  Thursday Evening Trail Ride St Albert, AB Closed
13-May-22  Friday Quiet Roads West Edmonton, AB Closed
14-May-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton, AB Closed
14-May-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Spruce Grove, AB Closed
14-May-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Spruce Grove, AB Closed
15-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Ardrossan, AB Closed
15-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 100 Ardrossan, AB Closed
15-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 60 Ardrossan, AB Closed
15-May-22  Sunday Social Ride Parkland County, AB Closed
16-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for Hybrids & E-bikes Edmonton, AB 
16-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton, AB 
17-May-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB 
17-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Strathcona County, AB 
18-May-22  Outbacks Parkland County, AB 
18-May-22  Wednesday Road Ride Edmonton, AB 
19-May-22  Thursday Longer Recr. Strathcona County, AB 
19-May-22  Thursday Evening Trail Ride Edmonton, AB 
20-May-22  Friday Quiet Roads Strathcona Cnty, AB 
21-May-22  Double Duty Saturday Strathcona County, AB 
21-May-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Beaumont, AB 
21-May-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Beaumont, AB 
22-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Ardrossan, AB 
22-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 100 Ardrossan, AB 
22-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 60 Ardrossan, AB 
22-May-22  Sunday Social Ride Parkland County, AB 
23-May-22  Morinville-Legal Loop 55k Morinville, AB 
23-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for Hybrids & E-bikes Edmonton, AB 
23-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton, AB 
24-May-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB 
24-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Ardrossan, AB 
25-May-22  Outbacks Parkland County, AB 
25-May-22  Wednesday Road Ride Edmonton, AB 
26-May-22  Thursday Longer Recr. Beaumont, AB 
26-May-22  Thursday Evening Trail Ride Edmonton, AB 
27-May-22  Friday Quiet Roads Sturgeon County, AB 
28-May-22  Double Duty Saturday TBA, AB 
28-May-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Spruce Grove, AB 
28-May-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Spruce Grove, AB 
29-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Ardrossan, AB 
29-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 100 Ardrossan, AB 
29-May-22  C&E Trail Lacombe to Red Deer Long Lacombe, AB 
29-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 60 Ardrossan, AB 
29-May-22  Sunday Social Ride Ardrossan, AB 
29-May-22  C&E Trail Lacombe to Red Deer Short Lacombe, AB 
30-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for Hybrids & E-bikes Edmonton, AB 
30-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton, AB 
31-May-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB 
31-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Strathcona County, AB 
01-Jun-22  Outbacks Parkland County, AB 
02-Jun-22  Thursday Longer Recreational Ride Devon, AB 
04-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton, AB 
04-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton, AB 
04-Jun-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton, AB 
05-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 100 Ardrossan, AB 
07-Jun-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB 
09-Jun-22  Thursday Longer Recreational Ride Ardrossan, AB 
11-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Spruce Grove, AB 
11-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Spruce Grove, AB 
11-Jun-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton, AB 
14-Jun-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB 
18-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Beaumont, AB 
18-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Beaumont, AB 
18-Jun-22  Garrison-Morinville Loop Lancaster Park, AB 
19-Jun-22  Red Deer Market Ride Red Deer, AB 
28-Jun-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB 
02-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton, AB 
02-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton, AB 
05-Jul-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB 
09-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Spruce Grove, AB 
09-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Spruce Grove, AB 
12-Jul-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton, AB 
16-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Beaumont, AB 
16-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Beaumont, AB 
19-Jul-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Devon, AB 

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