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Ongoing EBTC Membership 2022 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
01-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
01-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 1... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
01-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 6... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
01-May-22  Sunday Social Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
02-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
02-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
03-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
03-May-22  RidewithGPS Zoom Tutorial Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
04-May-22  Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Parkland County, AB Closed
04-May-22  RidewithGPS Zoom Tutorial Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
05-May-22  Thursday Longer Recr. Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... Closed
05-May-22  Ride On! Thursday Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
05-May-22  Thursday Evening Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
06-May-22  Friday Quiet Roads Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona Cnty, AB Closed
07-May-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
07-May-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100K Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
07-May-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... Closed
08-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
08-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 1... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
08-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 6... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
09-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
09-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
10-May-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
10-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
11-May-22  Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Parkland County, AB Closed
11-May-22  Wednesday Road Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
12-May-22  Thursday Longer Recr. Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Villeneuve, AB Closed
12-May-22  Thursday Evening Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... St Albert, AB Closed
13-May-22  Friday Quiet Roads Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... West Edmonton, AB Closed
14-May-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB Closed
14-May-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB Closed
14-May-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB Closed
15-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
15-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 1... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
15-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 6... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB Closed
15-May-22  Sunday Social Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Parkland County, AB Closed
16-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
16-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
17-May-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
17-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... 
18-May-22  Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Parkland County, AB 
18-May-22  Wednesday Road Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
19-May-22  Thursday Longer Recr. Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... 
19-May-22  Thursday Evening Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
20-May-22  Friday Quiet Roads Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona Cnty, AB 
21-May-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB 
21-May-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB 
21-May-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... 
22-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
22-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 1... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
22-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 6... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
22-May-22  Sunday Social Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Parkland County, AB 
23-May-22  Morinville-Legal Loop 55k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Morinville, AB 
23-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
23-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
24-May-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
24-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
25-May-22  Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Parkland County, AB 
25-May-22  Wednesday Road Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
26-May-22  Thursday Longer Recr. Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB 
26-May-22  Thursday Evening Trail Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
27-May-22  Friday Quiet Roads Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Sturgeon County, AB 
28-May-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB 
28-May-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB 
28-May-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... TBA, AB 
29-May-22  Stamina Builder Enduro 160 Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
29-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 1... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
29-May-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 6... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
29-May-22  Sunday Social Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
29-May-22  C&E Trail Lacombe to Red... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Lacombe, AB 
29-May-22  C&E Trail Lacombe to Red... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Lacombe, AB 
30-May-22  Monday Paved Bike Paths for ... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
30-May-22  Monday Recreational Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
31-May-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
31-May-22  Tuesday Strathcona Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Strathcona County, A... 
01-Jun-22  Outbacks Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Parkland County, AB 
02-Jun-22  Thursday Longer Recreational... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Devon, AB 
04-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
04-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
04-Jun-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
05-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Ardrosssan 1... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
07-Jun-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
09-Jun-22  Thursday Longer Recreational... Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Ardrossan, AB 
11-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB 
11-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB 
11-Jun-22  Double Duty Saturday Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
14-Jun-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
18-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB 
18-Jun-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB 
18-Jun-22  Garrison-Morinville Loop Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Lancaster Park, AB 
19-Jun-22  Red Deer Market Ride Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Red Deer, AB 
28-Jun-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
02-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
02-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
05-Jul-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
09-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB 
09-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Spruce Grove, AB 
12-Jul-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Edmonton, AB 
16-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Optimum 60k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB 
16-Jul-22  Stamina Builder Ultime 100k Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Beaumont, AB 
19-Jul-22  Hill Tops ‘N Coffee Shops Edmonton Bicycle & Touring C... Devon, AB 
Ongoing 2022 Membership Application Edmonton Masters Cycling Clu... Edmonton, AB 
Ongoing Velocity Cycling Club Member... Velocity Cycling Club Edmonton, AB 
 Seminars & Conferences
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06-May-22  Nooner at the Nat abcom Vancouver, BC Closed
Ongoing Membership 2022 Beaumont District Agricultur... Beaumont, AB 
16-May-22  Gerry Patsula Community Gard... Beaumont District Agricultur... Beaumont, AB Closed
Ongoing CNSABC Membership 2022 Clinical Nurse Specialist As... Delta, BC 
Ongoing CNS-C / ICS-C Membership-202... Clinical Nurse Specialist As... Sudbury, ON 
Ongoing 2021-22 Donation and Members... Coquitlam Montessori Society Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Donations Council of Senior Citizens O... British Columbia, BC 
Ongoing Affiliate (Group) Member App... Council of Senior Citizens O... British Columbia, BC 
Ongoing Associate (Individual) Membe... Council of Senior Citizens O... British Columbia, BC 
10-May-22  May 2022 IN-PERSON Presentat... CSC Toronto Chapter Toronto, ON Closed
23-Jun-22  Golf Tournament 2022 CSC Winnipeg Chapter Steinbach, MB 
23-Jun-22  Golf Sponsorships 2022 CSC Winnipeg Chapter Steinbach, MB 
Ongoing EFMA Associate Membership 20... EFMA Delta, BC 
Ongoing EFMA Membership 2022 EFMA Delta, BC 
30-May-22  EFMA Delegate Registration EFMA Penticton, BC 
30-May-22  EFMA - GOLF ONLY EFMA Penticton, BC 
31-May-22  EFMA Exhibitor Registration EFMA Penticton, BC 
31-May-22  EFMA Sponsorship ONLY EFMA Penticton, BC 
01-Jun-22  CFAA Practical Test, 1 June ... Health and Safety Management... Cambridge, ON 
01-Jun-22  CFAA Practical Test, 1 June ... Health and Safety Management... Cambridge, ON 
01-Jun-22  CFAA Practical Test, 1 June ... Health and Safety Management... Cambridge, ON 
02-Jun-22  CFAA Practical Test, 2 June ... Health and Safety Management... Cambridge, ON 
02-Jun-22  CFAA Practical Test, 2 June ... Health and Safety Management... Cambridge, ON 
02-Jun-22  CFAA Practical Test, 2 June ... Health and Safety Management... Cambridge, ON 
Ongoing Toronto Canadian Fire Alarm ... Health and Safety Management... Markham, ON 
Ongoing The road to becoming an auth... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing The road to becoming an auth... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing RECORDING: Enhance your hiri... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing RECORDING: IABC/TORONTO 2021... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing RECORDING: IABC/TORONTO 2021... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
Ongoing RECORDING:International Wome... IABC Toronto Toronto, ON 
06-May-22  IIBEC WCC Spring Webinar IIBEC Western Canada Chapter Delta, BC Closed
19-Aug-22  Invitational Golf Tournament IIBEC Western Canada Chapter Pitt Meadows, BC 
02-May-22  BC MODULAR HOUSING SUMMIT (2... Manufactured Housing Associa... Penticton, BC Closed
Ongoing 2022 Membership Registration Ontario Healthy Schools Coal... Strathroy, ON 
24-May-22  2022 Healthy Schools Confere... Ontario Healthy Schools Coal... London, ON 
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Ongoing BMW Car Club BC Membership BMW Car Club of BC Vancouver, BC 
23-May-22  HPDE @ Mission Raceway BMW Car Club of BC Mission, BC 
29-May-22  Coffee on the Run BMW Car Club of BC Coquitlam, BC 
09-Jun-22  Evening HPDE @ Mission Racew... BMW Car Club of BC Mission, BC 
26-Jun-22  Rolf Drommer Memorial Harris... BMW Car Club of BC Langley, BC Closed
12-Jul-22  HPDE @ Mission Raceway BMW Car Club of BC Mission, BC 
16-Aug-22  Evening HPDE @ Mission Racew... BMW Car Club of BC Mission, BC 
13-Sep-22  HPDE @ Mission Raceway BMW Car Club of BC Mission, BC 
06-Aug-22  Bradley McPherson Memorial S... Bradley McPherson Memorial S... Langley, BC 
Ongoing Edmonton Z Car Club Membersh... Edmonton Z Car Club Edmonton, AB 
24-Jun-22  2022 Peach City Beach Cruise Peach City Beach Cruise Penticton, BC 
Ongoing Motorsport Club of Ottawa - ... The Motorsport Club of Ottaw... OTTAWA, ON 
 Water Sports
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18-Jun-22  Boat Driving - June 18th Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario Rosseau, ON 
19-Jun-22  Boat Driving - June 19th Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario Rosseau, ON 
19-Jun-22  Foundations Cable Specific Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario Bala, ON 
 Running & Triathlon
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Ongoing Membership 2021/2022 Edmonton Thunder Track and F... Edmonton, AB 
09-Jul-22  Knee Knackering North Shore ... Knee Knackering North Shore ... North Vancouver, BC Closed
15-May-22  21st Annual Squamish Youth T... Squamish Youth Triathlon Squamish, BC Closed
23-May-22  2022 Adult/Junior North Shor... Tri Peaks Multisport Club North Vancouver, BC Closed
23-May-22  2022 Kids of Steel Tri Peaks Multisport Club North Vancouver, BC Closed
23-May-22  2022 Kids of Steel - Adaptiv... Tri Peaks Multisport Club North Vancouver, BC Closed
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Ongoing Le Circuit Quyon Kart Club -... Le Circuit Quyon Kart Club Quyon, QC 
07-May-22  LCQ Rental Kart Challenge Ra... Le Circuit Quyon Kart Club Quyon, QC Closed
07-May-22  OGKC Race #1 Le Circuit Quyon Kart Club Quyon, QC Closed
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01-Sep-21  Player Registration 2021/22 Berwick Ringette Association Berwick, NS Closed
Ongoing Custom Payment Event – Com... Halifax Hurricanes Ringette ... Herring Cove, NS 
Ongoing Summer Ringette Skating &... Halifax Hurricanes Ringette ... Herring Cove, NS 
Ongoing Summer Goalie Development Halifax Hurricanes Ringette ... Herring Cove, NS 
Ongoing Kelowna Goalie Camp Kelowna Ringette Association Kelowna, BC 
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Ongoing AFSF Membership 2022 Alberta Figure Skating Found... Edmonton, AB 
Ongoing Star Skate (STAR 2-5+) / Adu... Kitsilano Figure Skating Clu... Vancouver, BC 
Ongoing StarSkate 1 Development Regi... Kitsilano Figure Skating Clu... Vancouver, BC 
Ongoing CanSkate Registration - Spri... Kitsilano Figure Skating Clu... Vancouver, BC 
Ongoing 2022 StarSkate May/June 2022 Skate Brandon Brandon, MB 
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Location (sort)
11-Jul-22  New Westminster-Hume Park Sk... Coerver Coaching New Westminster, BC 
11-Jul-22  New Westmister First Skills ... Coerver Coaching New Westminster, BC 
22-Aug-22  Douglas park Skills Camp Aug... Coerver Coaching Vancouver, BC 
29-Aug-22  Coquitlam Skills Camp August... Coerver Coaching Coquitlam, BC 
29-Aug-22  Coquitlam First Skills Camp-... Coerver Coaching Coquitlam, BC 
 Wine Tastings
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Location (sort)
17-May-22  A Gala Dinner Squared Australian Wine Appreciation... Richmond, BC Closed
Ongoing 2022 FRENCH WINE Tasting Mem... Les Chevaliers des Vins de F... Vancouver, BC 
30-May-22  Tollot-Beaut Wines Les Chevaliers des Vins de F... Vancouver, BC 
Date (sort)
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Location (sort)
13-May-22  After School Programs - Spri... Central Elementary School - ... Port Coquitlam, BC Closed
Ongoing Membership 2021-2022 CISV Vancouver North Vancouver, BC 
17-Jun-22  Piano Concerto Competition Coquitlam Youth Orchestra Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Athletics Team Registration Dr. Charles Best Secondary Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing HWSS Athletics Team Registra... Heritage Woods Secondary Sch... Port Moody, BC 
Ongoing Summer Camps 2022 James Park Elementary Port Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Summer Camps 2022 Miller Park Community School Coquitlam, BC 
28-May-22  Branch Competitions ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga ... , ON Closed
04-Jun-22  GTA Zone Competitions ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga ... Mississauga, ON Closed
Ongoing Athletics Team Registration ... Pinetree Secondary School Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Summer Camps 2022 Pitt River Community School Port Coquitlam, BC 
Ongoing Athletics Registration 2021/... Sands Secondary School Delta, BC 
Ongoing Science ALIVE Workshop Sprin... Science ALIVE SFU Burnaby, BC 
19-Jul-22  SFU AI4ALL: Invent The Futur... Science ALIVE SFU Burnaby, BC 
Ongoing Football Registration 2022 Seaquam Secondary School Delta, BC 
Ongoing Athletics Registrations 2021... St. Thomas More Collegiate Burnaby, BC 
Ongoing Athletic Registration 2021/2... Surrey Christian School Surrey, BC 
Ongoing Surrey German Language Schoo... Surrey German Language Schoo... Surrey, BC 
Date (sort)
Organized by (sorted)
Location (sort)
17-Apr-22  2022 SPRING PLAYER REGISTRAT... Vernon Baseball Association Vernon, BC Closed
Date (sort)
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Location (sort)
Ongoing Team Registration 2022 Touch Football Ontario , ON 

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