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Science ALIVE Summer Academy 2020 - Surrey

When: Mon, 06-Jul-2020 - Fri, 28-Aug-2020

PLEASE NOTE: Campers must have completed a full year of Kindergarten prior to attending our camps. We offer programs for students who have completed Kindergarten to grade 7.

Science AL!VE Summer Academy focus on exploring the fascinating world of Science, Engineering and Technology through hands-on activities by enthusiastic undergraduate students in a variety of STEM fields.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Science AL!VE will be proceeding with Virtual Summer Academy for the month of July with the possibility of in-person Summer Academy in August.


Science AL!VE Summer Academy runs from 9:00AM - 3:30PM


  • Pre-care runs from 8:00 AM - 9:00AM

  • Post-care runs from 3:30PM - 5:00PM


GRADE K - 2 : AUG 4-7

GRADE 3 - 5 : AUG 24-28

$275/WEEK ($220 FOR 4-DAY WEEK)

A security breach had occurred at a social networking site which compromised the personal information of over millions of users. Extensive self-confidence had led the hacker to leave behind a trail of clues to taunt investigators. As junior investigators, students will learn about various topics in science, math, and coding and work in groups to solve this fictitious crime mystery! Additionally, students will be engaged in activities to promote digital literacy, which is an important subject matter given today’s growing use of digital technology.

Focus: General STEAM, digital literacy


GRADE K-2: AUG 24-28

GRADE 3-5: AUG 17-21

$275/WEEK ($220 FOR 4-DAY WEEK)

In the movie Up by Pixar Animation, Carl Fredricksen used thousands of helium balloons to turn his house into a makeshift airship. Ever wonder exactly how many balloons he needed? Is it possible for Olaf the snowman in Frozen to not melt under warmer weather? Junior MythBusters will use the scientific method to investigate myths that arise in pop culture, media, and movies. Grab your lab coats, put on your safety goggles, and let’s start mythbusting! 

Focus: General STEAM, scientific method


GRADE K - 2: AUG 10-14

GRADE 3-5: AUG 4-7

$275/WEEK ($220 FOR 4-DAY WEEK)

As junior explorers, students will learn about animals, plants, and natural resources in our beautiful province of BC. Through engaging in interactive, hands-on activities, studentswill explore topics in science, technology, and engineering with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Get ready to learn, tinker, and connect with our natural world!

Focus: Environment and sustainability


GRADE K-2: AUG 17-21

GRADE 3-5: AUG 10-14

$275/WEEK ($220 FOR 4-DAY WEEK)

With several riddles as guides, students will set out on a quest to search for various precious gemstones. Students will explore topics in engineering and technology through fun, hands-on activities. Using their knowledge and skills in these areas, Students will overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and decode secret messages to collect treasures in order to fulfill their mission!

Focus: Engineering and technology


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