09-Aug-2010 introduces INTERAC Online payment for registrations

Registrants can now use the secure and convenient INTERAC Online payment service to pay for their online registrations, using their bank's web banking

This is a great option if you do not have a credit card, or if you are reluctant
to use a credit card for online transactions

INTERAC Online payment service now available

How it works

  • After completing the registration, click on the Interac logo
    => You will be forwarded to the INTERAC Online website
  • Select your financial institution
    => You will be forwarded to the web banking login page of your financial institution
  • Log in with your web banking username and password
  • Confirm the payment amount to
    => You will be logged out and transferred back to
  • verifies the payment and confirms your registration


  • You need to be enrolled in your bank's web banking to use this service
  • The following banks are currently participating in INTERAC Online:
    • RBC Royal Bank
    • TD
    • A number of credit unions
  • This service is secure as no personal or confidential information is exchanged between and your bank
  • You do not need to use your PIN and the account information is not available to or the event organizer
  • The transaction is only complete if confirms your registration
  • If the transaction is not completed within 30 minutes (even if you confirmed the payment in your web banking) then your bank will reverse the transaction automatically
  • Click here to learn more

For further information about our privacy policy and security measures, please click here
or contact us.