May 2014

We are excited to be able to offer payment processing for our customers through, starting immediately. Stripe offers a number features which makes it superior to other services such as PayPal:

  • The registrants enter credit card data directly on the registration screen
  • No redirection to a payment website (no confusion as to if a PayPal account is needed or not)
  • The credit card statement will show our organization's name and the registration number (e.g. "ABC Events reg# 543123")
  • The pricing is identical to PayPal (2.9% + $0.30) and the Karelo fees are identical (and we won't charge set-up fees)
  • AMEX processing at no extra cost
  • Setting up Stripe is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes
  • The collected fees are credited to your Stripe account and deposited into your bank account 7 days later (rolling 7 days deposits)
  • Ability to process additional charges for an existing customer without having to know the credit card number
  • Ability to process refunds on
  • Ability to process manual charges (ie. typing in the credit card information to process a charge directly)

    Please check for further details and contact us if you would like to use Stripe for your event registrations.