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Velocity Cycling Club (Edmonton, Alberta) Membership 2024

Quand: Lun, 01-Jan-2024 - Mer, 30-Oct-2024

Welcome to the Velocity Cycling Club (Edmonton, Alberta) 2024 Membership Page. If you are interested in knowing more about our club, our member benefits, or our weekly ride schedule before signing up please refer to our website!

Membership Options

 1. Individual Membership: Benefits include, training rides, midweek races, ABA insurance. Fee is $100.00 Note: Couples consist of 2 adults, the Fee is the same as two individual memberships. $200.00.

2. Family Membership: The family membership is for up to 4 people, with a maximum of 2 children, 18 years and under. Family membership includes all the benefits for each family member as individual membership. Fee is $200.00. Additional children are $45 each up to a maximum of $290.00
3. Second Claim Members: Benefits include access to training rides and midweek races, but not use of club equipment, coaching services, or race fee reimbursement. If you are affiliated with another club with ABA insurance, the fee is $55.00. For insurance purposes, you must indicate your 1st claim club.
Note: BMX members must register as 1st Claim members of Velocity Cycling Club
4. Trial Period: Not ready to commit? Try the club for up to one month, and if you don’t like us we’ll give you a refund! We just need to hang on to $30/member to cover some administrative and insurance costs.

Volunteer Policy:

All full members (individual and family) are required to volunteer for at least one of our annual events which are the Velocity Gravel Event, Velocity Cyclocross Race, and the Velocity Year-End Party in the Fall. BMX members are required to volunteer for the season of BMX events throughout the year. There are many different volunteer positions to be filled:
Major Positions Available: Club President, and Secretary were elected at the Annual General Meeting, which was held November 4, 2023. Monthly Meetings currently held in person and online.
Minor Positions Available: There are several Volunteer Opportunities available during the year including:
1. Velocity Gravel Event: TBA
2. Velocity Cyclocross Race: TBA
3. Year-End Club Party (TBA)
The Velocity Cycling Club Provides regular updates on events, our ride schedule, and lots of other information. To keep in touch with upcoming Velocity Cycling Club go to our website ( and follow us on Twitter (@VelocityBikeAB).
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