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Golden Cycling Club

Golden Cycling Club 
Address: Box 1171
Golden, BC V0A 1HO
Phone: (250) 344-7127
Email: Click here
 The Golden Cycling Club (GC2) is a dedicated corps of local riders who do all the dirty work of land use agreements, trail planning, building, and maintenance. If you are a visiting rider, be aware that out-of-town members and casual user contributions to the GC2 are encouraged, to help keep the wicked riding in Golden good for all. So pick up yer trail maps at one of the great local bike shops, and kick down some petty cash for the box at the base of Mt. 7.

In addition to meeting all of your biking needs, local bike shops, Summit Cycle, 180 and Selkirk Source For Sports, can provide you with trail maps and GC2 information. You'll also find GC2 stuff at several other friendly local merchants, such as Darkside.

Golden features trailside camping for both the MT. 7 (right in town) and Moonraker (7km south of town) areas, in addition to a bunch of well-priced hotels. There is lots of good coffee and eats around, and a healthy live music scene in the summer.

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