Organisation Information

BC Section - Orthopaedic Division

Adresse: 550 Snelling Street
Vancouver, BC V8Z 2B4
Téléphone: (250) 555-5555
Email: Cliquez ici

The BC Section of the Orthopaedic Division's mission statement mirrors that of the National Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

The BC Section's mandate is to facilitate the advancement of orthopaedic physiotherapy through the promotion of excellence in education, practice and research. Further, our objectives are to facilitate communication between our BC members and between the BC members and the National Orthopaedic Division.

The BC Section provides the following to its members:

  • National Orthopaedic Division syllabus courses
  • "Articulations"- our quarterly newsletter
  • Administration of the Medical Library Service
  • Journal Club meetings
  • Administration of finances
  • AGM

    Liste d'événements:

    01-Oct-21  NANAIMO - Level 2 Lower Quadrant Nanaimo, BC 

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