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RECORDING: Power of AI-Driven Communications for Strategic Success

When: Tue, 26-Sep-2023 - Thu, 26-Sep-2024

ChatGPT has emerged as a game-changing technology for professional communications.

The powerful and wildly popular generative artificial intelligence chatbot, and others like it, can be incredibly useful for helping communicators conceptualize, research, write and edit copy for their marketing and communication materials. 

Communicators who understand the strengths and limitations of large language model AI chatbots and how to effectively use them in their work will have a competitive edge over their peers, and will be able to contribute more value to their organizations or clients.

To understand how AI chatbots work and the role they can play in modern communications, join Sharon Aschaiek and Dan Browne for a webinar on:

  • What you should know about the generative AI technology underpinning ChatGPT and similar large language model tools
  • How generative AI chatbots are reshaping communication practices, with real-world examples
  • The main ways AI chatbots can support a diverse range of your communication activities
  • The limitations and risks of this technology, and how to avoid them


$20: IABC members ($22.60 with HST)

$25: Non-members ($28.25 with HST)


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Thu, 26-Sep-2024 10:00


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